Re: Good practice or not to close the file before System.exit(1)?

From: (Stefan Ram)
22 Apr 2011 16:21:26 GMT
<> (Stefan Ram) writes:

Neither exceptions nor ?System.exit?, not even multiple return
statements per method are required for this. For an example:

  There is something equivalent for Swing programs.

  Often, a process is terminated by setting the JFrame flag
  EXIT_ON_CLOSE. (Which vaguely resembles ?System.exit()?.)
  For example:

frame.setDefaultCloseOperation( javax.swing.JFrame.EXIT_ON_CLOSE )

  . However, when a program is written with proper resource
  management, this is not necessary. The program just needs to
  dispose() all dispose()able Swing resources as early as
  possible. The process will terminate as soon as there is no
  more Swing resource. (I here assume frames set up by

frame.setDefaultCloseOperation( javax.swing.JFrame.DO_NOTHING_ON_CLOSE );

  .) (However, I don't know whether this is documented Swing

  This has the nice effect that proper termination of the
  process assures the programer of proper resource handling
  (at least insofar as he now knows that certain Swing
  resources are released).

  I wrote programs that actually were written in a too
  complicated way, because their purpose was to demonstrate a
  strict rendition of MVC in Java, but by running these
  program one can see the effect. They are visible on the
  German-language page


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