Re: General Consulting Advice Urgently Needed

Lew <>
Tue, 29 Nov 2011 12:04:44 -0800 (PST)
Novice wrote:

Which raises an excellent point. Just what GUI is the best way to go
these days? The customer wants a desktop application that will run on
Windows and Mac. I'm mostly familiar with Swing and see no obvious reason
why it couldn't do the job required by the customer. Would Spring MVC or
Struts 2 be better? If so, why?

Spring MVC is not a GUI.

Struts is not a GUI.

Did you look at the Web sites for those frameworks? It's obvious that they are not GUIs.

I'm not sure what the learning curve would be to get up to speed on
Spring or Struts. I just looked at two YouTube videos, one on Spring and
one on Struts and found both pretty dreadful. I'm sure the products are
good but the videos were very poorly produced with very poor presenters

Struts is good. I am not pleased with Spring. Most of what Spring offers has been supplanted by standard Java and Java EE annotations.

with heavy accents and rather unfocused content. They were chock full of
vague generalities and very skimpy on actual details. I'm optimistic that
there are better tutorials on both subjects and that I can find those
better tutorials if they exist but, so far, I'm not clear on when/why
Spring or Struts would be better than Swing.

Applea and oranges. They aren't even for the same architecture as Swing.

This again raises the question of whether customer should pay me my going
rate to learn Spring or Struts or whether I should eat the cost of the

You should at least learn enough to discern what is relevant and what is not before contemplating entering into such a contract.


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