Re: can i submit 2 jsp pages to the server at a single button click.

Owen Jacobson <>
Thu, 27 Apr 2006 15:32:02 GMT
On Wed, 26 Apr 2006 13:43:51 +0000, Oliver Wong wrote:

<> wrote in message

Frames are not recognised in HTML 4.01 (AFAIR)

They are discourage for any number of reasons, see
comp.infosystems.www.html for reasons why.

    My USENET server carries the comp.infosystems.www hierarchy, but not
comp.infosystems.www.html, it seems.

That's because he misspelled comp.infosystems.www.authoring.html .

Can you tell me what those reasons may be? I find the "navigation frame
+ main content frame" to be a pretty common, and as far as I can tell,
relatively problem free design. I'm aware that some browsers (e.g. lynx)
may have problem rendering frames, but they degrade relatively

Because they're an extremely leaky abstraction of templates.

 - If you arrive at the content part of a frameset without the frameset
   (eg., from a search engine hit), you cannot navigate the site. Working
   around this requires scripting, which is less than optimal.
 - If you find a page within a frameset that you're interested in, and you
   bookmark it, when you load the bookmark odds are good you'll arrive
   back at the beginning of the frameset.
 - They break URLs. A single URL should point to a single resource, but a
   frameset's URL refers to a series of resources (one for every page you
   navigate to within the frameset, not "one for every frame").

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