Re: web app, how to reset session time

"Oliver Wong" <>
Tue, 25 Jul 2006 17:02:51 GMT
"John_Woo" <> wrote in message

Oliver Wong wrote:

"John_Woo" <> wrote in message


Using awt/swing, it's very easy to catch all mouse/keyboard event;

I'm wondering, in servlet/jsp web app, how to catch those events?

That's what I think, by that I can reset the session-time - the spec of
a project required whenever user's mouse/keyboard moves/hits, reset the
session time to 3 mins.

Any idea?

    Sounds like very poorly designed requirements.

    You might be able to use JavaScript to detect keypresses and mouse
movements, and then submit a ping to the server which would reset the
session time.

Hi Oliver,

Can u tell why the requirements is not smart?

    It is using the design of a traditional application and applying it to a
web application. Web applications should not be designed in terms of mouse
or keyboard events; they should be designed in terms of HTTP requests.

I guessed the <reset
session> may prevent not being able to submit b/o session out. How to
submit a ping in this case but remain same session?

    As part of the ping, you send whatever information is nescessary to
identify the session you're persisting. This may be a cookie, or a special
GET URL, for example.

    - Oliver

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