Re: Signed applet strange behaviour

"Andrew Thompson" <>
10 Aug 2006 17:50:23 -0700
Lukasz wrote:

I wrote this small test applet (ignore combination of applet and
japplet components):

Why? Note several things:
a) I (and most Usenet users) do not take kindly to being told
what to do.
b) If you had prefixed 'ignore combination' with 'you can..', it
reduces a Command to a Suggesion.
c) Combining Swing and AWT is a recipe for disaster unless
you know when you can ignore the restriction, to the point
that you can *argue the design decision*.
Can you *justify* mixing Swing and AWT?


everything works fine and without any problems.
But when I sign it, and put in the html file line ARCHIVE="Test.jar" ,

Where is your HTML for the archive applet call?

the applet won't even initiate.


In my opinion an effect of signing an applet should be only releasing
it from sand box,

Got it in one (so long as the user agrees, of course).

..I don't know what to do about it now, to make it work
Any ideas?

I do not have time to reconstruct this series
of codes and HTML into working/breaking applets,
especially not with code signing.

I suggest you give us the *URL* of the two pages
involved in your applet SSCCE
note particularly this section that mentions applets..

If I get a chance, I will have a look over them.

Andrew T.

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