Re: JApplet URL load ImageIcon

"Andrew Thompson" <>
11 Aug 2006 20:04:58 -0700
<> wrote:

Pleasre refrain from top-posting. See further text 'in-line'.

Andrew Thompson wrote: wrote:

on compilation error msg: cannot find symbol
symbol : class URL


Does this compile for you?

class URLImport {
  public static void main(String[] args) { url;


Yeah that compiles.
Could I then you use this class in a classLoader to load image?

This code is simply a test. It proves that
is available on the classpath of the default VM that your
system is using to compile. It also contradicts the earliest
statements you made.

'....on compilation error msg:
....cannot find symbol
symbol : class URL
I have the appropriate imports e.i.'

If the code you originally were referring to, had the
import (or a fully qualified class name, as I did in the
example) - it should compile without the 'cannot find symbol'

If you cannot fix it from the hints so far, I suggest you
produce an SSCCE* of code that will not compile, it
should be less than 30 lines to express a problem like

I'll give you odds of 40% that you will be able to spot the
mistake in the process of making an SSCCE. If not, post
the SSCCE here and answers should follow quickly.

* <>


Andrew T.

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