Re: JNLP splash screen isn't!

"Andrew Thompson" <>
13 Aug 2006 00:47:33 -0700
<> wrote:

uh those were all placeholders.

Uhhh.. please refrain from top-posting.

...if anyone wants to look at the real
data, please let me know!

I sure would.

But let's be clear on a few things - just FTR.
- Please don't waste our time with placeholders URL's
  or psuedo-code. If you have an actual problem, quote
  actual code and actual URL's.
- Please don't waste our time on usenet with secret
  URL's - these groups are here for the benefit of the ages,
  and secret URL's do not serve that purpose. (+ same
  reasons as above)
- Not even the 'secret URLs' was enough justification
  for you to contact me by email. Stop that!

Now - you will probably be thinking you cannot express
your problem 'in public' because of the 'confidentiality'
of the URL's or images. Wrong! (99.95%) of the time.

A close facsimile of your JNLP, using a solid *red*
JPG for the splash for example**, might show
exactly the same behaviour

(later) After being sucked into checking a few
more things, ..

Hint: Try loading your splash image in a
  core Java application or applet.

[ ** Then make the 'solid red' JPG mentioned above,
using the same image editor, and check the red JPG
produces the same result.. ] back the results.


Andrew T.

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