Re: Java start new Process (Browser) and notice when Browser Window is closed.

"Andrew Thompson" <>
15 Sep 2006 06:56:57 -0700
<> wrote:


I have a java programm which shall open a Browser with a certain URL

The URL being?

AND!!!!! if this browser window is closed from a use after a while, the
java programm should be informed about this.

(snip example)

If the toddler trips over the plug and drops the computer, your
Java program will not be informed. I just wanted to make it
clear that it is *impossible* to guarantee that the application
would be informed.

Could you help me?

Failing the above, and assuming all this is done with the
user's acitve consent (and trust) you might ..

Open a frames based web-page that has an applet in
one frame and the target document in another. The applet
send information via socket back to the application.

Every 0.nn milliseconds, the applet sends a message that
conforms it is active. If the signal has not been received in
2 x 0.nn ms, the application can assume the browser window
is closed.

Note that you might have to takes some extra precautions to
ensure that the the address of the page shown in the framed
web page has not changed (has the user clicked a link?).


Andrew T.

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