Re: Can JMF be webstarted?

"Andrew Thompson" <>
15 Sep 2006 13:36:14 -0700
Andrew Thompson wrote:

Can JMF be deployed using webstart? My experiments*
suggest yes, but I am after more test results..

* The page linking the test launch file (JNLP)

Silly me. When I posted that, I was under the false
impression that the JMF could not be 'run from URL's
within a sandbox'.

The third example shown here..
suggests otherwise. I simply call the main of JMStudio
with the URL, from within a sandboxed webstart launch

Note that while it does not throw security exceptions,
I still have not seen an entire video load and play this way,
opening them from within the player* itself, seems more

I also posted the links to the media used (which
now includes a tiny test MOV of just over 200Kb), as
well as links to other MPEG's, MP3's and WAV's.
The media files are listed here..

* Simply launch JMStudio and Ctrl 'u' to open an URL.

After all and any more test results. Note that for the
sandboxed JMStudio, you do not need to accept
code signed by some guy claiming to be Andrew

Andrew T.

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