Re: Corrupted Jar file?

"Andrew Thompson" <>
21 Sep 2006 21:50:31 -0700
Andrew Thompson wrote:

I am trying to deploy some JMF DLL's via webstart,
and it is not going well. I keep getting the message
in the JWS console..
"Corrupted JAR file at"

I had a hunch that this was related to the fact that
the JMF was installed locally on this PC.

A successful launch at the library (on a PC that never
had JMF installed) seems to support that theory.

b) That 'library' JNLP is in turn, called by the main file at

Would it be possible to get some more test results?
( From both JMF'd and non JMF'd PC's. )

It can be launched from the above URL, but for further
description, see ..

Please note - the jar file most in question is *only* served up
to Win. based PC's, but I used the same technique to jar
and sign the *nix based 'shared object' natives. There are
no natives delivered to Mac's, since there is no Performance
Pack available for them. :-(

Andrew T.

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