Re: Embedding web browser in applet

"Andrew Thompson" <>
4 Oct 2006 03:02:34 -0700
vidhi wrote:

Thanks for your view, but actually the browsers available with JFC are
browser it self, but what i need is a browser with in my Applet or
JApplet window.
Actually the concept behind is to pick the information

What does that entail, exactly? Does the applet
display the pages to the end user? Does it get
information from the page and 'reorganise it'?

What would motivate me, as a potential end user,
to surf to the applet and give it an URL, rather than
surf to the URL directly?

...of page whose url is provided by user

Provided by the end user, or obscured behind some
button that offers to 'Fetch Our News Feed'? same page,

There are many who argue that active elements should not
be embedded in web pages, but this scheme aims to
put web pages, in embedded applets, in web pages.


.... for this we need to open up the
page firstly and if use frame for same purpose security do not allows
us to gather information from the page which is opens from different
server and on different frame.

Unless the applet is trusted by the end user, then it
can browse any host/server that will allow connections
from Java programs.

My views are,
1) If the applet does not have the trust of the end user,
it should not be stealing content from other web sites.
2) Even if it does have the trust of the end user, it
should not be taking content from other sites without
the webmaster's specific consent.

Andrew T.

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