Re: Java executables

"Andrew Thompson" <>
21 Nov 2006 01:13:12 -0800
Mary Walker wrote:

I have written a java program but I would like to be able to send the
program to people with it's own, unique icon.

Send it 'via URL'.

The groups

What 'groups'? I think you will find, not this one
(at least, not while I am active on it).

...say you can only do this by converting the program to an
executable exe file files

Rubbish! Java Web-start can suggest both
desktop and launch menu items (with associated icons
for JWS launched projects (as well as a splash icon),
at least on Win., under 1.4+ (not sure of other systems).

...but I have some areas of confusion with regards to
java exe files i.e.


2. What is the point of writing in java and then creating an exe file from
your program?

Very little.

... i.e. does it run faster?

No. Furthermore, if a faster JVM is installed,
the 'exe' will not benefit from it, but the Java
based application will.

&, if the VM distributed with the app. has a bug,
(most installers - every one I know of - has a
Java VM dependency, somewhere along the line)
your software is 'faulty' as far as the customer
is concerned ..

3. How do you convert a jar file ...
how do you add your own, unique icon to it?

It can be simple to create a webstart launch for your
application, but it depends on a few details..
- can your application be run within an applet like
'security sandbox'? Or would it require things like
openning file, writing files, use the printer..
-did you specifically want 'a disk'? JWS is designed
around web launch (with automatic update)
it can be done off disk, but that requires more
effort, and I have not tried it yet.

...but for the icons, I suggest you see what JWS
has to offer, before churning out 'exe' files (ick).

Unless of course you meant a frame icon, and icon
for when the end user 'alt tabs' between windows,
in which case, no that's way easy! Any old Jar file
can create an icon for the (J)Frames and (J)Dialogs
of the application.

Andrew T.

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