Re: Applet using CP850 encoding

"Andrew Thompson" <>
24 Nov 2006 15:54:15 -0800
<> wrote:

 in my client JRE lib has no charsets.jar file insisde, in my applet I
am using cp850 encoding

To make the classes for CP850 available to the JRE
on the client computer, you can add them to the
archives parameter** of the applet/object element.

my testing using HTML applet PARAM element not working,

I am doing something like



 <params Name="ACHIVE" value="charsets.jar"...

* Did you test for ACHIVE or ARCHIVE in the code?

And why are you wasting our time and yours by telling
us 'something like' what your HTML has, rather than
tell us something far more useful, like an URL to the
broken applet?

** Here is an example of an applet that loads several
archives for its functionality.
The archive attribute reads..
  archive='spacesim-applet.jar, spacesim.jar,'
The main part of the applet is actually spacesim.jar,
which is used for both applet and application. Then
there is a small -applet jar, that contains the single
applet class, and - which has data on the
simulation scripts, and is similar to the CP850 jar
of your - more data than anything else.


Andrew T.

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