Re: JSP Datatable fix Header

"Andrew Thompson" <>
27 Nov 2006 07:52:41 -0800
Newie wrote:

Andrew Thompson schrieb:

Newie wrote:

I want to make the header of my DataTable fix.


How can I do that?

The same way you do it in HTML.


How would I do it in HTML.

Would it make sense to ask Java programmers
how to write HTML? Especially when..

...I am not so good in HTML,

...that is a good description of most Java programmers,
though unfortunately, /most/ Java programmers (unlike
you) /think/ they are good at it. ;-)

the data below the header should be scrollable.

As I see it, pure HTML does not support what you want.
(Give me an URL of *any* table on the net with a fixed
header and scrollable data, that does not use Flash, applets,
JavaScript or some other supporting technology, and I will
eat my hat).

So besides pure HTML, there is Dynamic HTML, as it might
be altered by JavaScript*, for example. I think JS is the best
way to try and achieve the effect required.

* For a good JavaScript group, see..


Andrew T.

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