Re: art of writing a responsive swing app

"Andrew Thompson" <>
2 Dec 2006 23:20:57 -0800
Luc The Perverse wrote:

"Chris Uppal" <> wrote in message

Luc The Perverse wrote:

Are you feeding the troll?

Do trolls like chicken ? The only references to their diet that I can
indicate that they subsist exclusively on diet of billy goat(s).

Unless you include Moomintrolls, of course: they enjoy a much more varied
including (from memory) fish, pancakes, and porridge, plus a tummy-full of
needles for the long winter.

They really don't care as long as it tastes like chicken

Not sure - can tell you that 'Olaf the Troll' (who's roar
was 'less than full throated') was preoccupied with..
virgins, ale, and 'plump, succulent babies'.

He was never quite clear on the species of the babies
he sought (nor the virgins, for that matter).

Perhaps he preferred baby chickens.. or maybe just
any baby with a bit of chicken salt (shrugs).

and.. at this stage I will point out that my original comment
was posted above an URL to a possible technical solution
to part of the OP's stated problem.

( Harumph! ;)

Andrew T.

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