Re: Error:Loading java applet failed

"Andrew Thompson" <>
5 Dec 2006 04:28:43 -0800
<> wrote:

please answer these two questions..
Each by themselves.

Why are you writing an applet? (As opposed to - for
example - a web launched application? )

What is this applet supposed to do that cannot
be provided another way?


writing applet is not main view.

Isn't it?

...I want to run pulgins in my mozilla.


And about this link " "
I can able to saw applet with dialog and frame.

OK - so we have established that your mozilla
can see that applet, and therefore the Java
Plug-In, is installed and configured for your

As far as I recall, that applet is Java 1.2+(?)

In the JSP ...

I was about to mention before, but some good advice
is 'do not test applets in JSP - test in HTML'
(then write a JSP version).

So, ...

..example i tried to plugin or anything

anything? no.. we have already eastablished that
this browser can open Java 1.2+ applets.

It does *not* seem like there is any problem with the browser!

... to run Applet/java
program but it opening with red mark and below write as Loading Java
applet is failed.

For *your* applet! (As I understand those words)

... So running the applet
is not problem. While i use in JSP example and saw the out on mozilla
then error is came..

As far as I understand now, is what I *suspected* before..

Your applet (or JSP) is broken.

There might be errors listed int the Java console of
your mozilla - since I don't use it - I cannot tell you
where to find it, but there should be a menu item
to open the console.

Listing errors in the console might depend on the
code (which you have not show) or the HTML that
the JSP writes (for which, we have no URL).

So - if you really want to debug your *applet*,
and cannot do it by using the console in your own
browser, we would need a lot more details from you
(or preferably a link to the broken applet) to help
much more.


That phrase is 'thank you', and two more points:
- you will get more respect, and attention, if you
make attempts to spell words correctly, rather
than use 'cute' abbreviations.
- 'please' and 'thank you' are generally considered
to be a waste of bandwidth. Stick to the facts
(and possibly a question!).

Andrew T.

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