Re: Very Strange problem with jsp pages and character sets...

"Andrew Thompson" <>
7 Dec 2006 17:58:32 -0800
ed wrote:

Can anyone point me in the right direction:

I have a struts web app that produces a JSP page


...with a "form" to the
client browser. The user needs to cut some text from a "word document"
that has "bullets" into the jsp form textarea......

The problem is that when the user pastes into the JSP page served by
the development server


...the form textarea does NOT show the bullets, but
instead just little squares.... BUT when the user gets the same JSP
form from the production server and pastes the bullets into the
textarea, they DO show as bullets in the textarea of the client browser
form..... WHY the difference in how the bullets are display? It is the
exact same code deployed to dev and production?!?!?

* By 'URL?' I mean, can you provide us with the URL
to a short test page that displays the behaviour you
describe, rather than any proprietary and secret,
commercially sensitive page.

The only thing I can suggest (off the top of
my head, short of those examples) is to
check the character encoding of both pages,
perhaps they are 'inheriting' different settings
from the parent server.

Andrew T.

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