Re: detecting which jvm version is being ran?

"Andrew Thompson" <>
7 Dec 2006 18:19:20 -0800
yawnmoth wrote:

Anyway, here's the URL:

I forgot to check at the time, but ..because that HTML
is being served by GeoCities, the crap they wrap around
it makes it very invalid (though it seems to be still
'well formed' as far as I can tell by looking at it).

I grabbed the class and (a crude rendition* of what I
guess was) the original HTML, and put them here..

If you can find any person that confirms that the
first URL breaks, but the second works, it can
be put down to 'crappy HTML' confusing the

(..yes, I realise your client has vanished into
thin air, but if they should ever pop by, ask
them to compare the two, I'd be interested in
hearing any problems with hosting applets off
the free sites..)

* I added a 'title' (because I like page titles), and a
character encoding - to make the validator 100% happy..

Andrew T.

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