Re: disable session timeout for session bean

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Sun, 24 Dec 2006 12:32:16 -0500
Oliver Wong wrote:

"Alfred" <> wrote in message

Oliver Wong wrote:

    Depends on how the session is implemented. If it's implemented via
cookies, then the session can "disappear" if the client deletes or
otherwise doesn't send the cookie. Otherwise, it should last as long as
the server "remembers" open sessions. On the systems I'm familiar with,
the sessions are usually persisted to harddisk, so as long as the
harddisk doesn't get corrupted, the session should still be around.

Are you shure about difference between Web- and EJB-Container?
Lifecycle Management of SessionBean is a part of EJB-Container.

    I'm not (sure, that is). I haven't worked much with JSPs at all, and my
experiences are mostly with PHP. I noticed that the way they handle sessions
seemed (as far as I could see) to be similar, so I thought it was safe for
me to dispense my advice.

Even though it is very common to use:


then it could be:

Swing app----EJB----database

EJB's does not speak HTTP and does not use cookies/URL rewriting.

JSP pages and servlets does.


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