Re: How to make java client app to download jar package from server autoly?

"Andrew Thompson" <>
31 Dec 2006 09:56:16 -0800
Arne Vajh=F8j wrote:

sealo wrote:

I want to write a command line java client program. And the program
need to use the jar package, but the package was located in the server.
I want the client program to download the jar package automarically at
the program startup.
I am not familiar with java. Could you tell me how to do it?

It should be possible to use an URLClassLoader to
do that.

Of course it is. Many things are possible.

OTOH, I think it might profit the OP to fill in
some of the answers to the questions already
raised on this thread (with particular attention to
how the application is used/scripted, and what it
does) before we begin to consider the best way
to deliver the required functionality to the end-user.

To put that another, simpler way.

I *suspect* the OP is not approaching the
final objective (the goal) with the best strategy,
and until we know what that objective is -
we cannot really help solve it.

( Of course, I might also be accused of snobbily
'holding on to the answer - until the OP
negotiates the standard obstacle course'
...but I don't see it that way ;)

Andrew T.

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