Re: How to make java client app to download jar package from server autoly?

"Andrew Thompson" <>
1 Jan 2007 04:33:36 -0800
sealo wrote:

<> wrote:Please refrain from top-posting.


You might use an URLClassLoader to download
the classes initially,


Yes, I must consider the change of the jar package in the server. But,
the jar package will not change at run time. So, I want the program to
be loaded every time at the startup.

It does *not* have to be downloaded every time!
(Whether using web-start or not)

So far, you have been very vague* about what this
application actually *does*. Could you fill in a little


The client will retrieve information of the server, such as server
1. It will use the jar package to login to the server. And a tcp
connection will be established with the Server Gatekeeper.
2. Use the interface to send the request to the server Gatekeeper.
Gatekeeper handle it and send back the information in response.
3. Client handle the response from the server. Then display it to the
local output(screen).

I think that scenario can be handled from the
command-line, but I *think* it might be easier
to program *repeated* client-server responses
in a simple GUI.

The process is not very complex, and it will not change local system
settings, such as file, or semaphore :) So, I think it will not impact
the privileges.

That is convenient - if the application can remain
fully in a 'sand-box', then it does not have to be
signed for use with web-start.

:) I want it to be used as a Simple Java Interface, for monitoring a
telecom call server status. And in the server, we have a
gatekeeper(JAVA made) to handle the client request and send back

I think that if the client application might simply
'sit on-screen' waiting for the user to issue their
next command, or if a client-server interaction
can be *initiated* by the server (e.g. telling
clients that a particular area of the server has
gone 'off-line' or otherwise changed status)
that this will be easier to code as a basic GUI.
(but I do not have experience with CLI based
applications that require anything more than
initial run-time parameters).

Andrew T.

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