Re: Problems reading a properties file in an applet

"Andrew Thompson" <>
8 Jan 2007 06:48:14 -0800
steen wrote:

I've packed the applet into a jar which the html page then loads, but
when I try to read my file (which is in the root of
the jar-file) I get an access denied
( read)

I'm trying to read the file using

That does not add up. I cannot see why an SAE
is thrown, if reading the properties from a stream
coming from an URL pointing to wtihin one of the
Jar's that is on its own classpath.

One thing I will point out though, it is well worth
breaking the last statement down to ensure all
our assumptions are correct.

URL propertiesAddress =
// where does this point?
  "propertiesAddress: " + propertiesAddress );
p.load( propertiesAddress.openStream() );

I am probably missing something pretty elementary, but I've gone blind
looking for the problem...any ideas ?

1) To fix the applet..
Provide an SSCCE*.
Provide an URL to the broken applet.

2) To deploy the code (as 'not an applet')..
Code this as a web-start application.

* <>

Andrew T.

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