Re: does (jmf 2.1.1e) still support midi playback?

"Andrew Thompson" <>
10 Jan 2007 02:55:51 -0800
SlowLearner wrote:

SlowLearner wrote:

Andrew Thompson wrote:

Are you also 'known' as 'M P' in email?

Andrew T.


 whose M P?

M P is a person who sent me an email 'admonishing'
me for the fact I did not simply answer the question.
I cannot immediately connect it to any singular person,
but it might well have been from another person
experiencing the same problems you are seeing.
(This is not the only report around the groups
about problems with MIDI's in Java 6).

By the way no one has replied with a confirmation that thier copy of
JmStudio can still play midi files I'm assuming it cannot.

Mine fails with the same messages you were reporting.

...So I'll switch to c++ which can

You gotta' do, what you gotta' do*..

I'd just like to reprhase that last post, as when I read it back it
sounded a bit critical of Java and that definitely wasn't what I meant.
I'm loving learning java. I just need to be able to play midi files
back under program control, which apperently Java cannot do anymore,
whereas C++ still can do.

* I did a quick search of the Bug DB the other evening,
and (briefly) saw a bug report that might relate, but
I did not read it in detail (and I have lost the URL now,
and it can take up to an hour to get results pages
back from Sun - so I am not keen to go searching

For immediate support of MIDI, you might try specifiying
an *earlier* Java, but I recommend end users *never*
install older Java versions, so failing waiting on a bug fix
(and I saw no immediate indication the bug report I
saw was scheduled for a quick fix), another language
might be your best bet.

Andrew T.

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