Re: BufferedReader blocks until EOS!

"Andrew Thompson" <>
10 Jan 2007 19:25:07 -0800
Cecilia wrote:


OK what? Please put replies immediately below
the text you are replying to (as I am doing) rather
than 'top-post'.

text is a long string, im trying to analyze that text with a program

Why? Besides tokenizing the strings on a ' '
character, what other analysis does it do? *

the program recieves the input text and returns the text analyzed, here
is an example:
input: el gato come pescado
output: el
output: gato


in the example, the output of the program is the text tokenized
the program returns one line per token

* Note that can be done in later model Java as simply as..

  String[] allParts = theLongString.split(" "); what does 'freeling' do beyond that?

because the input text is long, i have to break it in strings of 20
chars each
i cant use the entire long text as input, the program blocks because i
write a lot but i dont read anything

sorry for my english, and thanks for answering

Your english is OK, but I do prefer that people
'let the code do the talking', as it is much easier
for us to undersstand code that (compiles &)
works/fails for us..

That URL for the SSCCE document (again) is..


...but note that this 'freeling' tool presents a
problem, (others do not have acces to it, so
could not run your example) so can you
factor it out and do a code sample based
on String.split()?

Whatever you do, please read the SSCCE
document, as I think it will be useful to you.

Andrew T.

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