Re: Web start on os X : Cannot open associated file.

"Andrew Thompson" <>
31 Jan 2007 05:25:25 -0800
On Feb 1, 12:02 am, laurent <> wrote:

With "Java Web Start", I can associate a custom file type with a Java
application ...


Then by double-clicking on associated file type my Java application is
launched and the associated file url is given to my Java application
with the "-open" argument.

It works nicely on Windows (with Java 6) but on Mac os X (10.4.8, java
1.5.0) no arguments, even the file url, is given to my application.

Did I miss something in "Java Web Start" ?

Not sure. Web start may or may not offer any
particular service or ability on specific platforms.
Recently I saw a problem where desktop icons
were supported on Win. but not a Linux variant.

OTOH, I think it is premature to make any
definitive statements without a validation of
your JNLP file (a DTD is included in the dev.
guide, AFAIR), and close inspection of it
(here - publicly).

Also, I have my very own example of usage
of the JNLP API file associations, it is
sandboxed (uses the FileOpen/SaveService)
and small, and I would appreciate test results
from both Win. and Mac. (and Linux).

It is here..

Note that you might score some test
results from other Macs. for your own
JNLP - if it is publicly available and you
psot the URL, but I am running Win XP,
with no Mac. access.

Andrew T.

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