Lew <>
Tue, 28 Aug 2007 16:57:35 -0400
Lew wrote:

"www" isn't an abbreviation - it's a component of a host name. Not
every web site uses it. One does not normally speak of viewing
something "on the WWW", they say, "on the World Wide Web".

There are no keystrokes saved because there aren't any
"" sites. (Hmm, twelve characters, not
fourteen.) One might argue that they are 2 keystrokes wasted, since a
site could just as easily call itself "".

Patricia Shanahan wrote:

I hate run together words with no separation, so I would type
world_wide_web or, gritting my teeth, worldWideWeb, which requires two
hits on the shift key.

I don't know of any sites with those host names, either.

It is unheard-of to find World Wide Web nodes with blanks in the host name.
The case thing doesn't matter to URLs. Underscores also require a shift on
most keyboards, but one could use hyphens, as many sites do. We are, however,
stuck with whatever node names the hosting sites choose, and for some reason
they've mostly chosen www. It isn't an abbreviation, since these sites don't
also exist by any putative "expansion" of "www".


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