Re: how to send data to a pre configured servlet

Mark Space <>
Sun, 03 Feb 2008 20:00:27 GMT
Dundonald wrote:

Is it possible to configure a java web app running under a context
root to automatically take data from a URL (entered after the context
root) and pass that data as a paramater to a specific servlet?

For example -

I have a domain called "" and a java web app running under the
context root "myroot" and I want to pass data "hello_world" to servlet
PrintMessageServlet without the user ever having to worry about
entering the servlet in the URL. So user types in ...

PrintMessageServlet would only ever expect one paramater to be passed
in, and the data for that paramater would be whatever is entered after

It seems like you could do this just by setting the deployment
descriptor correctly. Given the info above, just set the deployment to
send everything to PrintMessageServlet. If you have other servlets,
parse those first, then send anything that remains to the print servlet.

If the processing is too complicated for that, you could employ a filter
to re-write the URL so that it could be processed by a deployment
descriptor. Or send everything to one big all encompassing servlet,
where you decide (programactically, using Java) which other servlets to
dispatch to, including the print message one.

I guess it might help if we had a bit more info. What methods have you
tried to configure this so far, and what problems did you run into?
That'll help us suggest a plan for further experimentation.

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