Re: opening an eclipse .jar file

"Andrew Thompson" <>
16 Aug 2006 16:40:15 -0700
<> wrote:

I created the tutorial helloworld project that prints text to a
console. I want to make it into a .jar so that I can double-click and
have it automatically run using the Java Runtime Environment. So I
used the export command and created a .jar file. (making sure to: not

The classes and resources in a jar file can be compressed.

Note that there are a variety of forms of Zip compression
some fo which standard Java does not understand
(e.g. WinZip's 'max. compression' settings), but if you
use the Jar tool to do the compression, you can be sure
that Java can inflate the file.

...export generated class files and resources.) After those
setting I clicked finish. And expected the .jar file to double click
and open a console application. But nothing happened. I also tried
opening the .jar file in the command line. (This is on windows.)

How do you get a .jar file to work when you double-click?

Add a manifest file that specifies the 'main' class.

..(if you know
a good source to read about this please leave a link on it)



Andrew T.

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