Re: Netbeans JAR file execution from command line

"Andrew Thompson" <>
25 Oct 2006 20:37:39 -0700
Luc The Perverse wrote:

I needed to run a program I created called RandomPasswordGen and it wouldn't
run because it said it couldn't find some necessary classes, which I tracked
down to some swing layout jar file in netbeans.

Eventually I copied all the netbeans files into the sun java directory. I
have a feeling that is not the standard way of going about this.

How can I prevent a compatibility problem? I like to send people JAR files
to execute, and don't want them to have to have netbeans installed and
certainly don't want them to have to copy files from netbeans to java class

What is the proper way to go about this?

'proper'? Dunno'.. here are several possible strategies..

- Rework your GUI's to not require the NB classes (which
are usually form generators? ..layouts?).
- Launch your GUI's using web start and refer to the
NB classes in a separate 'component' JNLP *.
- Put a manifest in the main jar that references the NB jars*
(and distribute them with your application, and put them
somewhere they can be found)
- Rejar the NB classes* in your main jar file.

* check NB docs. for (re)distrib. rights.

I would go for the first option.

Andrew T.

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