Re: converting java app to servlet

Daniel Pitts <>
30 Apr 2007 11:14:24 -0700
On Apr 30, 7:59 am, Shabbir ( wrote:


I have a java application with source code. I want to convert that
into a servlet in order for it to be called within a web app. The
java app has its own manifest, config.xml and .gram file, plus the
java file and the libraries (linked in teh manifest file). I have
created a new web project in netbeans, with a new servlet and copied
the code from the original java file, linked in the libraries, but
how to link the configuration and .gram (grammar) file?

Also if I am referencing a file in the servlet, where would the file
be required to be located?

Thanks in advance.


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If its only going to be access by another servlet, why make it a
servlet itself? It is already an application, so I assume it has some
sort of useful API. Just use the API!

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