Re: netbeans doesn't create lib directory under dist

Lew <>
Mon, 08 Oct 2007 18:18:33 -0400
<> wrote:

... the manifest file (now):

Manifest-Version: 1.0

Name: ConnMetrics
Main-Class: ConnMetrics
Class-Path: C:\projects\CONNSTAT\log4j-1.2.15.jar C:\projects\CONNSTAT

This is not a workable Class-Path: entry. You should use relative paths.
This is done automatically by NetBeans in its build. Manifest paths use
forward slashes.

Is the log4j JAR actually in that directory you specify?

Will it be in that same directory everywhere your app is deployed?

What is the purpose for the folder that you list ("**/ConnMetrics")?

Generally I'd like some understanding of how a jar [sic] file created in a
dist\ [sic] directory in netbeans [sic] looks for jars, classes, resource bundles,

Have you studied everything on

Reading the instructions is an awfully useful exercise.

BTW, resource bundles are found through the class path.

If you need some configuration information like the manifest please
let me know. I just don't want to clutter the post with a lot of
useless stuff and I have to be careful to not put out anything that
could be construed as confidential corporate data.

Since your problem is in the manifest, it's hardly "useless stuff".


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