Re: classpath problem ?

Lew <>
Sun, 27 Jan 2008 12:01:33 -0500
Frederick Smith wrote:

1 - Yes - I double click on the .jar in the explorer

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Frederick Smith wrote:

I get the "could not find the main class. Program will exit" message.
( the program runs within the IDE with no problem )

Lew wrote:

Did you set up a 'Main-Class' in the manifest?

Frederick Smith wrote:

2 - No

NetBeans probably did that for you. Did you check?

6 - The program runs OK when I invoke it using "java -jar filename.jar"

More evidence that there is indeed a 'Main-Class' in the manifest. Did you check?

- maybe its a file association problem in Windows ?

That seems likely.

What are the contents of the JAR's manifest?

Inquiring minds still want to know - it seems likely that it contains a
'Main-Class' already. The request for this information was not purposeless.


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