Re: Writing Manifest file for jar

Knute Johnson <>
Tue, 19 Feb 2008 10:53:36 -0800
ram wrote:


     I have a project which i wanted to jar it. I wanted to make a jar
file of all the files inside the project. My problem is i have no main
class in the project as it is directly invoked by eclipse when it is
run. I tried creating jar using the eclipse IDE but it gives the error
as no main class found. When i searched over the forums the answer i
got is give jar the manifest file specifying the main class of the
project. But my main class doensnt have public static void main
method.Is the jar file searching for something like this?If not then
please let me know how could i build a jar for my project.

Thanks & Regards,

Just create a main() method and use that as the entry point. Is this a
Swing application? Remember that you need to create the GUI on the EDT.
  If you are using 1.6 you can specify an entry point with the jar
program. If you have other required jars then they need to be listed in
the manifest classpath.


Knute Johnson
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