Re: Newbie - a question about import and .jar statement

Mark Space <>
Sat, 26 Jul 2008 09:42:21 -0700
zalek wrote:

Thanks Arne for you answer.
Now I have more questions:
1. which import statement should I use instead of*;

Normally, none. Use "Class.forName()" and supply the driver name as a
parameter to the script or application.


2. If I will move the .jar with MS or JDBC classes to the same
directory as a jar with my application - do I need to add this
directory to a classpath?

Sort of. To use the classpath, you would add the directories that
..class files are in. Jar files however have to be added themselves.
I.e., add "C:\mydir\subdir\msfiles.jar" to the classpath. The .jar file
has to be named explicitly.

But this doesn't matter if you are running from a Jar file. The
classpath is ignored. Set the class path attribute in the Jar's
manifest file.


You could also use a custom class loader and set the location of the Jar
or other resource files via a supplied parameter (property, config file,
user input, etc.). That's a lot more advanced however.


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