Re: executable jars and libraries

Knute Johnson <>
Mon, 27 Apr 2009 14:38:28 -0700
Jan Helgesen wrote:

Mark Space wrote:

I will have a look at one jar...

does setting the -cp argument to java help? I dont remember if I tested

I'm not sure of all the reasons why, but it seems Sun was adamant that
this be in control of the user/administrator, not the programmer.

thats fair enough, but the java could at least have honoured the
CLASSPATH environment variable, which would work in the same way as



-cp or the CLASSPATH environment variables have no effect when -jar is
used on the command line. You must use a manifest to specify the
library jars. You can specify their directory but if you don't the
files can live in the same directory as the app or in the /ext directory
of the JRE.


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