Re: Nine ways of identifying Class-Path in manifest that don't work

Owen Jacobson <>
Wed, 23 Dec 2009 22:32:16 -0500
On 2009-12-23 14:16:27 -0500, Composer <> said:

I've read several posts about Class-Path and they generally seem to
assume that I know how to specify the location of a directory relative
to the directory of the jar being executed. I'm running OS X.

The jar to be executed is
   /Java projects/myname/utilities/DesktopApp.jar

The external jar containing classes I need is
   /Java projects/javamail/mail.jar

So the external jar file is two directories up and then one directory
down from my main jar.

The compiler is perfectly happy finding the classes in mail.jar.
If I explicitly load all the classes from mail.jar into
DesktopApp.jar, it executes fine.

Here are the variants I have tried in my manifest:

Class-Path: .;.../javamail/mail.jar
Class-Path: .;../javamail/mail.jar
Class-Path: .;./javamail/mail.jar
Class-Path: .:.../javamail/mail.jar
Class-Path: .:../javamail/mail.jar
Class-Path: .:./javamail/mail.jar
Class-Path: .../javamail/mail.jar
Class-Path: ../javamail/mail.jar
Class-Path: ./javamail/mail.jar

All nine of these attempts result in NoClassDefFoundError when I
execute DesktopApp.jar.

Others have already identified the problems with using relative paths
in a manifest's Class-Path: entry. However, it's also worth being aware
that the path separator in the manifest is a space, NOT colon (:) or
semicolon (;).


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