Re: robot gui approach

"Oliver Wong" <>
Wed, 30 Aug 2006 16:37:37 GMT
"VisionSet" <> wrote in message

I'm messing about with bot representations in a gui, because I've managed
miss out doing that kind of thing. How?!

I've got a bunch of autonomous objects that have there own threads and
control there own movement. Speed of these objects is therefore
by how often I update (x ms) there position and how far I move them (y

I have one overall controller of the gui that maintains a collection of
these objects and has its own thread that just calls paint() every z ms.

So now I have 3 variables (x, y, z) to err... vary.

This makes it a nice OO design, but harder to control from an animation
perspective. For example it is easy to get jerky movement or excessive
paint calls for zero movement. Any tips please?

    Ditch the multithreading and write your animation as a singlethreaded[*]

    - Oliver

[*] Swing may create various worker threads in the background, but I'm
saying that you should not be creating any threads in your own code.

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