Re: Thread-end monitoring

Patricia Shanahan <>
Sun, 12 Nov 2006 15:04:21 GMT
mark wrote:


I have constructed several threads in my application (it is such that
some threads start other threads, etc.). Now I would like to have a
possibility to execute some actions just when all the threads finished
(i.e. go out from the run function). Is there any nice way to do it?

Regards, mark

While you could use general barrier techniques, there may be a simple
alternative for your specific situation. Once the threads in question
have been created, pass a list of references to them to a additional
"join" thread.

The "join" thread just calls each Thread object's join method. When the
last join call completes, all the threads have finished their run
methods, and the "join" thread executes the "some actions".

The "join" thread can be the thread that created them if it has no other
work it needs to do afterwards.

You need the general barrier approach if you need the "some actions" to
run in the individual threads after each has completed the substance of
its work but before the actual return.


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