Re: How to use wait() and notifyAll() in simple container object

John Ersatznom <j.ersatz@nowhere.invalid>
Sun, 17 Dec 2006 14:44:08 -0500
John Ersatznom wrote:

Lew wrote:

public class Container {

        private boolean value = false; // redundant assignment

        public Container(boolean value) {
                this.value = value;

        public synchronized boolean get() {
                return value;

        public synchronized void set(boolean value) {
                this.value = value;


Looks like a mutable, synchronized Boolean. Might want to consider a
class name like SynchronizedBoolean. Might want to rename the
get()/set() methods, either to follow JavaBean conventions or to mimic
similar methods in java.lang.Boolean.

- Lew

Why not

public class Container<Foo> {
    private Foo contents;
    public Container (Foo initialContents) {
        contents = initialContents;
    public synchronized Foo getContents () {
        return contents;
    public synchronized setContents (Foo newContents) {
        contents = newContents;

Container<Foo> fooHolder = new Container<Foo>(new Boolean(false));

Meh, make that last

Container<Boolean> booleanHolder = new Container<Boolean>(new

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