Re: simultaneous function calls

Lew <>
Thu, 06 Sep 2007 10:00:49 -0400
korcs wrote:

Thanks for your replies!

I found myself a really good tutorial for java threads as well.

While reading your comments and the suggested tutorials, I was
wondering whether my problem was really a synchronization problem.

Maybe I did not understand everything quite well, but it seems to me,
that synchronization is needed in situations where 2 or more threads
could WRITE(!) global variables simultaneously and make data

So it means that if a method, used maybe simultaneously by multiple
threads causes only a READ action on program data, then
synchronization is not necessary (not needed and would cause only an
unneccesary overhead).

False if the datum in question is non-immutable and non-final.

Is it correct or did I miss something?

You missed something.

If more than one thread /accesses/ a variable, read or write, you must
synchronize. The "synchronized" keyword is not the only way to synchronize.

Compile-time constants and static final immutable objects are synchronized by
the rules of when such things are created. Thus read-only access can avoid
"synchronized" in such cases, but it doesn't avoid synchronization.


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