Re: The simplest way to download a file from http resource that need authentication

Lew <>
Sat, 09 Feb 2008 15:50:17 -0500
Andreas Leitgeb wrote:

PS: Don't ask me why, but an initial phrase like "This doesn't really
    help with the question, but [correction of the tidbit]" would
    probably boost the acceptance of detail-corrections enourmously.

Excellent advice, but bear in mind that this is a discussion group and
discussions can range over a wide range of topics.

My concern was that when people say here that something is

a static method and therefore
not usable in a threaded enviroment.

that the general readership will believe such an inaccurate remark. Over the
years I've used Usenet, correction of such misinformation has not generally
been taken as an insult.

Furthermore, pruning the original post to a specific point and answering that
point alone should make it clear that the primary point is not under
discussion in such a post. Calling a person "trollish" for that was
completely out of line and downright insulting.

I don't know about you, but I think there is a distinct risk of bad practices
burgeoning if such misinformation is allowed to stand.

Suggesting that one coddle a respondent's feelings through the sort of
diplomacy you suggest is a good idea, but I suggest in return that people
focus on the facts under presentation and apply a little bit of reason and
logic to the information instead of getting all bent out of shape.

The fact is that static methods *are* suitable for multi-threaded programs,
just as much as instance methods are. No claim was made that that information
solved the OP's fundamental problem. OTOH, when such obvious
misinterpretation of the technology is evinced, it is possible that the
misunderstanding might indeed bear on the original problem.

Static methods are fully capable of managing distinct information per thread
if written to do so. It might not always be the best way, but it's often done
and quite safely. One might indeed reject a static method in that scenario,
but not because they cannot be used safely in multi-threaded programs.

For example, if the OP had followed my advice and used synchronization to
protect the static method call, they'd've been able to solve their problem.
It might not be the fastest way, but it certainly could work.

So everybody just take a chill pill and focus on the information provided.
Please stop the personal attacks.


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