being or not being?

From: (Stefan Ram)
2 Apr 2008 14:17:07 GMT
  This question is about English style with regard to Java.

  The context is a tutorial that just said:

      The activation of an operation expression is called
      ?evaluation?. It will activate the operation that is
      given by the expression.

  (So far only expressions of the form ?m()? have been

  Now the question how to write the next sentence:

  I assume that the following sentences are all correct.
  But which one is to prefer for a tutorial?

      For example, when the expression
      ?java.lang.Thread.dumpStack()? is evaluated, the
      operation ?java.lang.Thread.dumpStack()? is activated.

      For example, when the expression
      ?java.lang.Thread.dumpStack()? is being evaluated, the
      operation ?java.lang.Thread.dumpStack()? is being activated.

  (There also might be other possibilities, which seem more
  remote to me, such as:

      For example, when the expression
      ?java.lang.Thread.dumpStack()? will be evaluated, the
      operation ?java.lang.Thread.dumpStack()? will be activated.

      For example, if the expression
      ?java.lang.Thread.dumpStack()? would be evaluated, the
      operation ?java.lang.Thread.dumpStack()? would be activated.)

  Is there a difference in the meaning of the examples that is
  relevant when discussing evaluation of such expressions?

  I am especially interested in the question of when to use ?being?.

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