Re: Looking For Direction

Lew <>
Fri, 11 Jun 2010 17:09:55 -0400
[citation restored]
Lew wrote:

What about the Vector class is interesting?

JC wrote:

It's not that I find it interesting. It just works well for my purposes.
For example, I have a "ResultRec" object that basically holds all the data
from one record in the lab_results table. But one result record can have one
or more result codes. So in my ResultRec object I have a Vector of

That was perfectly normal for Java 1.1 programming and quite correct.

With Java 1.2 came the Collections class and the beginning of "programming to
the interface". 'Vector' carries functionality not required all the time, to
whit, method synchronization. It also sports legacy methods not consistent
with the Collections framework. Its direct replacement is 'ArrayList' for
unsynchronized work, and 'Collections.synchronizedList( List someList )' for
synchronized work.

Java 5 added generics to all that.

Nowadays you'd use:

   List <Result> resultRec = new ArrayList <Result> ();


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