Re: unchecked conversion warning.

Lew <>
Thu, 31 May 2012 17:18:18 -0700 (PDT)
Eric Sosman wrote:

     There's nothing fundamentally wrong with Vector. People will
moan and wring their hands over the cost of its synchronized methods,
but I haven't heard of any actual measurements.

For me the cost is measured by the Javadocs.

Synchronization - unnecessary for the 99%. Why have it?

This is a logical cost, not a temporal one. Why include
features you won't ever use? The burden of proof is on
the decision to use 'Vector', not the one to eschew it.

'Enumeration' and the other legacy methods and members:
Unnecessary except for legacy code that relied on 'Vector' to
start with.

Same argument.

The cost is in features you don't need and never will.

'ArrayList' is simpler, less decorated with unnecessary features,
and therefore better except when you need 'Vector'. Wrapped
it's equivalent in all collections-compatible respects to 'Vector'.

So for new code 'Vector' is never necessary and always has stuff
you don't need. It's redundant. So just pick the one equivalent choice
with respect to stuff you do need, that is better with respect to the
stuff you don't need.

There's your measurement.


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