Re: I need a different approach - suggestions please

Lew <>
Tue, 26 Jun 2012 14:34:13 -0700 (PDT)
Gene Wirchenko wrote:

bilsch wrote:


Many things are because I mimic what I see in other programs. Your

     Bear in mind that there is a lot of not-so-good code out there.
There is also some very good code.

advise is appreciated and noted. I know my indentation is wrong - it is
something I'll have to work on. I hope I can finish this project without

     Adopt an indentation style whether it is your own and one that
you see that you are comfortable with. Consistent indenting can help
you catch errors.

It is best to use the Java Coding Conventions or something very close.

There are a couple of very limited acceptable variations from those

understanding threads because I read about them and I don't see that
they apply here. I don't really understand them.

     Since this is your own problem, make that part of the spec.
Threads are where you have more than one path of execution. For a
calculator, you do not need that for the basic functionality. Once

For a Swing program you always need them.

you do get your calculator working, then you can add to it or start
another project in order to learn threads.

They're already using Swing, requiring that at least they know how to
push GUI actions onto the EDT.


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