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Owen Jacobson <>
Fri, 30 Nov 2007 11:39:15 -0800 (PST)
On Nov 30, 11:21 am, wrote:

On Nov 27, 6:12 pm, (Bent C Dalager) wrote:

In article <>,

 <> wrote:

On the flip side, screen is limited to ten branches at a time, which
means nesting instances would be desired once you needed 11 or more.
So much for *that* workaround, then.

If you are trying to claim that screen only supports up to 10 windows,
[insult deleted]

None of the nasty things that you have said or implied about me are at
all true.

The things in screen are almost, but not quite, entirely unlike

There are only ten digit keys, and "window" switching (in the version
I've used) is done via C-a 0 through C-a 9.

That's one way, yes. There is also a way to bring up a list of all
screens and select one with the arrow keys and enter, mentioned very
obviously in the online help. (C-a ", for anyone who's interested.)
You can also cycle through all screens in order using C-a n or C-a p
for next or previous screen respectively.

Of course, you'll now claim that the version you use has additional
capabilities. Obviously once again it would be helpful to distinguish
between different pieces of software with differing capabilities that
happen to share a name; how about "screen" for what I used in the past
and "bent screen" for whatever it is that you use that is really just
named "screen" but is some sort of souped-up version?

Well, except that unlike emacs or vi there actually is only one
terminal multiplexer that goes by the name 'screen', maintained by the
FSF and packaged by various distributors.

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