SocketHandler permissions Re: servlet/applet communication problem or Linux/Windows trouble ?

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Wed, 23 Dec 2009 19:01:11 +0100
On Fri, 18 Dec 2009, markspace wrote:

Either use a SocketHandler in you app to send logs directly to the

I've looked up SocketHandler's and found on Sun Tech Tips a simple
LogServer, which listens on ANOTHER port of my machine (5000). I
modified it to print also the host and port it connects to it.

I ran the exerciser program from my machine and another local one, to
verify such LogServer could receive connections from two hosts at a

I modified my servlet (see thread) to log messages on the socket
handler. I arranged it so that it tests at the beginning whether it can
connect to the log server (if not the servlet tells me on System.out),
sets a boolean, and then a doLog method logs messages only if such
boolean is true.

The idea is that it can run without recompiling, and attaches to the log
server only if I have started it because I need it.

I then modified my applet to also log messages on the socket handler.
I arranged it to test if it can connect to the log server as for the

When I tested the applet from the standard web page, I got no log
messages. So I started the applet from the appletviewer (in order to see
stdout messages).

I get "access denied (java.util.logging.LoggingPermission control)"

The way the servlet or applet start logging is in an initLog() method
whose core is

   try {
    Handler handler = new SocketHandler("myownhost", 5000);
    handler.setFormatter(new SimpleFormatter());
    logEnabled = true;
   } catch (Exception e) { ...

I call initLog in the init method of the servlet and in the init method
of the applet JUST BEFORE the standard swing idiom ...

       doLog(Level.WARNING,"applet init");
       try {
         SwingUtilities.invokeAndWait(new Runnable() {
           public void run() {
              realMain() ;
       } catch (Exception e) { ...

what's wrong with permissions ?
the applet usually attaches happily to other ports. Other apps attach
happily to port 5000.

I'll investigate tomorrow, but if anybody is around and can give an hint
while I go home for sleep, it will be much appreciated

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