lbrt chx _ gemale
29 Jul 2011 20:55:44 GMT
 based on the specs of FilePermission:
 my .java.policy file:
$ cat /media/sdb6/knet/knoppix/.java.policy
grant {
 permission "${user.dir}/-", "read,write,execute,delete";
$ whoami
$ ls -l /media/sda1/prjx/sw/text_synch | grep Kd
drwxr--r-- 2 knoppix knoppix 4096 Jul 29 16:34 Kd
 and this piece code:
// LklDir: ${user.dir}
   String aCanPth = LklDir.getCanonicalPath();
   FilePermission FP = new FilePermission(aCanPth, aUsrPerm);
 I should not be getting
$ java -Dorg.xml.sax.driver=org.apache.xerces.parsers.SAXParser EntResolv00Test
policy: evaluation (codesource/principals) passed
policy: evaluate codesources:
    Policy CodeSource: (null <no signer certificates>)
    Active CodeSource: (file:/media/sda1/prjx/sw/text_synch/Kd/ <no signer certificates>)
policy: evaluate principals:
    Policy Principals: []
    Active Principals: []
policy: granting ("" "/media/sda1/prjx/sw/text_synch/Kd/-" "read,write,execute,delete")
policy: evaluation (codesource/principals) passed
Exception in thread "main" access denied ("" "/media/sda1/prjx/sw/text_synch/Kd" "read,write,execute,delete")
    at EntRslvr00.<init>(
    at EntResolv00Test.main(

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