Re: building a meta search engine

Dale King <>
Wed, 05 Jul 2006 02:51:16 -0400
Oliver Wong wrote:

"Dale King" <> wrote in message

RoS wrote:

Hello there,

I am building a web application, which involves submitting search
queries to a number of sites, processing and parsing search results and
returning them in an organized way.

Any thoughts/comments on the subject are greatly appreciated.

Have you verified that this is allowed by the sites you plan to use?
If one of those sites is Google it definitely is not allowed.

   You can get a (free, AFAIK) license from Google which will give you
something like 1000 queries per day. They have code examples in Java
showing how to access their search API.

Which in no way sounds like what the OP was describing. He said he was
building a web application which submitted queries to a number of sites.
I presume he is not going to this trouble solely for his own use and is
presumably planning it for use by others.

Some relevant quotes from Google's terms of service:

"You may not take the results from a Google search and reformat and
display them, or mirror the Google home page or results pages on your
Web site. You may not "meta-search" Google."

"You may not send automated queries of any sort to Google's system
without express permission in advance from Google."

"'sending automated queries' includes, among other
things:..."meta-searching" Google..."

"Please do not write to Google to request permission to "meta-search"
Google for a research project, as such requests will not be granted."

  Dale King

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