Re: save input from web form to a .dat file

"Oliver Wong" <>
Mon, 14 Aug 2006 21:25:24 GMT
<> wrote in message

    The root problem is that code running on the client's machine cannot
directly invoke the methods of an object running on the server's machine.
You have to provide some sort of webservice via PHP or JSP, or create a
client/server architecture via sockets or RMI.

Ohhh... Thank you very much for your help, Oliver. I hate to be such a
pain, but I'm a computer science student and I've really gone above my
level of expertise in the internship I've got here. Do you know where I
could learn about PHP, JSP or the such so that I may fix this? I don't
know much about the networking side...

Thank you so much. You have been worlds of help.

    The PHP/JSP solution would potentially require some changes to the
server. For example, if you were previously running plain vanilla Apache to
serve HTTP content, you'd have to add the PHP module to Apache to enable it
to process PHP pages. In other words, if you're working in company and you
don't personally own the servers, you should probably get permission before
proceeding down this route. Maybe their system admin will veto the PHP idea
altogether, in which case you'd have to look for an alternative solution.

    That said, you can find instructions on installing PHP, and a basic
starter tutorial at

    From there, you can do a google search for "Learn PHP" or "PHP Tutorial"
and get links like

    If you have further questions about PHP, you should probably ask in a
PHP newsgroup, instead of this Java newsgroup.

    - Oliver

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